KK Athiban was founded by Mr. K Kuthalingam. He conceived the brand in 1973 when he established KK Rice Mill. As a well-established brand, KK Athiban is exported all over Kerala. A single variety of rice known as ASD-16 alone is procured from all over Tamil Nadu, double-boiled as part of the parboiling process, and carefully packed with quality in mind.

"You have to do what you dream of doing and He did what he dreamt of doing."


The Beginning

K Kuthalingam, our beloved founder, was a visionary who saw the opportunity in the rice milling and parboiling business. KK Rice Mill established as a result in the quaint town of Tirunelveli, grew from a humble beginning to what it is today. The business in its foundation years relied on traditional techniques of rice milling and parboiling that were en vogue during those times. From the days of the business's inception, customer satisfaction through quality was ensured.

"Our commitment to producing quality parboiled rice lies with our motto to deliver on the customer expectations and without compromising on our higher procurement standards."



The Mantle

Parboiling involves boiling the paddy partially before milling so that it retains its wholesome goodness and increases its nutritional value. Double boiling the rice slightly changes the texture and color of the rice to make it translucent.

K. Karthikeyan, the son of our founder K. Kuthalingam, proved to be a more ambitious man than his father when he decided to improvise and modernize the rice mill. He went over diligently the machinery and infrastructure required to make KK Rice Mill one of the advanced rice mills of its time. As part of the modernization drive, the double boiling method of parboiling the procured paddy was adopted which ensured a smattering of enhanced taste to the rice.



The Right Rice

ASD-16, a rice variety that grows only in Tamil Nadu and lovingly consumed in Kerala was chosen as the only variety that would be procured as part of the standardizing and branding plan.


"ASD-16 is a rice variety developed at the Rice Research Station in Ambasamudram in the year 1986. The short and bold grain produced by ASD-16 is the preferred choice of consumers in Kerala"



When K. Karthikeyan took over the mantle, he moved towards branding and marketing the product for better recall by consumers. KK Athiban, a rice brand known for consistency and quality was thus born.

KK Rice Mill was modernized with the latest and state-of-the-art machinery to keep pace with time. As the millennium was about to be born, we welcomed KK Athiban .




With rising demand for KK Athiban in Kerala, we ramped up our production by adding necessary specialty machinery and infrastructure to our mill. We took an energetic approach by adopting lean manufacturing and accentuating our quality monitoring systems.

"Athiban means a leader, and KK Athiban is a forerunner brand. Our milling processes were evolved specifically and that explains the unique taste our rice carries."


Great Strides

As we look back at our half century journey we took to establish, develop, flourish, expand and grow our business, we deeply appreciate the valules and the team effort it took to reach here. While we shall be continually guided by technology, we are inspired by our consumers..

"From pioneering branded rice by procuring high quality paddy by following stringent standard practices, our core business is devoted to delivering quality rice to our consumers."

"Soul food is within your reach with KK Athiban. Make your food a wonderful treat to your family and get your heart filled with love."